Prototype for bio-adsorbents production

Demonstration activities at Eco Recycling industrial site include the production of the bio-adsorbents starting from pre-treated olive pomace. As agreed in the documentation provided to the Lazio Region, a waterproofed flooring was created in order to waterproof the area in which the prototype has been located. The prototype for bio-adsorbent production has a potentiality of about 12.6 kg of bio-adsorbent per batch and all the equipment have been placed inside a 12 m container.

The prototype for the production of bio-adsorbents is composed of the following units:

  • reagent dosing station;
  • hydrothermal reactor with control panel;
  • filtration system and pump;
  • oven with control panel (for drying and activation treatment);
  • granulation system with control pane;
  • inerting system (for oven and reactor);
  • electric panel and electric lighting;
  • piping.